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    Elderberry 3-Pack

    For Immunity

    Keep the winter cold at bay. Dark berry with floral undertones. A great boost for your first morning glass of water.


    Deep sweet blueberry and currant notes

    Product Details

    3-pack. Each bottle contains 2 oz of concentrated flavor.

    Makes approximately 15 drinks or 10 water bottles. 45 drinks or 30 water bottles per 3-pack.

    *If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.




    Enjoy as often as you like! Plant Drops are water flavor and designed for you to use as often as you hydrate.

    Plant Drops are steam distilled. When steam rises and condenses, it leaves behind any impurities that might cloud flavor and anything that would give Plant Drops color.

    Other brands raising awareness of "natural flavor" flavor their drinks with juice. Juice is great, but juice comes with sugar and calories. Fruit juice also misses out on many of the most beneficial parts of the plant. While many of our flavors use whole fruits - strawberries, lemons, limes - we celebrate the best of plants, not just fruit juice.

    Using Your Drops

    Yes! While your drops are made to ship at room temperature, to prolong flavor and shelf life, we recommend keeping them in the refrigerator.

    Your Plant Drops can last for up to six months in the refrigerator, but we dare you to make them last that long!

    Everyone's taste varies, but using 3-4 droppers full is typically a good dose to start with.

    We also love them in tea or non-alcoholic cocktails. You can diffuse them like essential oils. Found a great new way to use them? Let us know!

    Your Order

    Each order comes with four 2-oz bottles of Plant Drops. Good for 60 drinks or 40 water bottles.

    Your Plant Drops ship via ground shipping packed in sturdy, 100% recyclable packaging.

    We include a small heat pack when temps are going to be below freezing in transit.

    Our full range of flavors is only available to subscribers.

    Keep in touch, we hope to offer a limited selection of single flavors in stores and online soon.

    Center Plant Drops flavor - Lemon Balm, Angelica and Chamomile - with yoga mat and water bottle